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There was a time when your basic local channels seemed liked all you needed. These days, however, it's hard to stay connected without a proper TV and online setup. Fortunately, Satellite Solutions of Redding, California is here to deliver the packages you need. Get in touch with us soon to discuss your needs. We'll talk with you about your current internet or TV usage, recommend a package, and then handle the install from start to finish.


TV Options

By connecting our customers with industry leaders like DIRECTV and Dish Network, we're ensuring they receive the best satellite TV technology and services available. With the ability to record the shows you want and a vast range of channels to choose from, making the move to a satellite system is simply a smart investment.

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TV Plans


Satellite Solutions Redding offers three different plans for your TV desires. Whether you're looking for the classics, family friendly channels, sporting events, or are ready just just take it all, we can help you find what works best for you. Not sure which one is best for you, no problem. Give us a call at 530-402-8283 and we'll help you find the best solution for you.